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2014 National Titanium Dioxide Industry Annual Meeting to explore the road of transformation

Time:2014-12-11 10:37:10 Hits:1845

The “2014 national Titanium Dioxide Industry Annual Meeting” was hold in Panzhihua vanadium titanium Expo in Nov 29th,2014. Under the murky situation of current titanium dioxide industry market, all the enterprises giants of manufacturing titanium dioxide from across the country gathered together in beautiful Panzhihua and discuss how to develop sustainally, step out the market winter of titanium Dioxide and bring the market spring like the warm silk cotton flower.

It was reported that the average operating rate of tio2 manufacturers is about 70% in the first half of this year,the demand of titanium dioxide is slowed down overall,but the production capacity is continue to expand.According to statistics,the total production capacity is up to 2,980,000 tons in the end of September of this year,the growth is slightly higher than that of 2013, about 38,000 tons. The production capacity in construction is 1,290,000 tons, the sulfated acid processed ti02 is 92,000 tons, and chloride processed tiO2 is 37,000 tons.

According to the statistics of Titanium Dioxide Industry Association Branch, from January to September,there are about 47 titanium dioxide enterprises manufacturing 1,690,000 tons totally, which is higher 6% than the same time of 2013.

Most of enterprises business is very difficult to continue because of excesive production capacity in structure,industrial competition and enterprise differentiation becoming prominent day by day.