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Titanium Dioxide industry enters a stage of high cost and low profit

In the background of domestic microeconomical going down, the development of many enterprises are decending into troughs. After the building industry is suffered downturn,the domestic market price of titanium dioxide continues to dive. As we know from procurement network that the market of titanium dioxide is continued to go down since the fourth quarter. Due to the condition of high cost and low requirement, the profit gap of titanium dioxide is narrower and norrower。

12-18 2020

Titanium Dioxie Branch of China National Coatings Industry Association drafted the <Titanium Dioxide Industry Norms>.

Titanium Dioxide Branch of China National Coatings Industry Association convened the joint conference of “The national industrial association—The national ministries of titanium dioxide industry experts”, and discussed the content of <Titanium Dioxide Industry Norms>.

12-18 2020

The global Titanium Dioxide Industry may be rewarm

The world titanium dioxide industry has been more than 80 years of history, it is growing in the merger, restructuring and technological progress on the competitive road.At present,along with the tightening of enviromental protection

12-18 2020

The difference of White Carbon black and Carton Black,Whether they can replace eath other?

White Carton Black and Carton Black is totally two materials. They can replace each other in some fields. Carton Black is black powder which is produced and strictly controlled in the process of fumed method and incomplete combustion or pyrolysis. White Carton Black is the general name of x-Ray amorphous silicic acid products and silicate products, which is mainly included precipitated silicon dioxide,fumed silicon dioxide,superfine silicon dioxide gel and

12-18 2020
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