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The difference of White Carbon black and Carton Black,Whether they can replace eath other?

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White Carton Black and Carton Black is totally two materials. They can replace each other in some fields.

Carton Black is black powder which is produced and strictly controlled in the process of fumed method and incomplete combustion or pyrolysis. White Carton Black is the general name of x-Ray amorphous silicic acid products and silicate products, which is mainly included precipitated silicon dioxide,fumed silicon dioxide,superfine silicon dioxide gel and silica gel and also included the powder cated Aluminum and Silicate Calcium. White carbon black is porous material,its chemical formular can be showed SiO2.nH2O, the nH2O exists in the form of surface hydroxyl. White carbon black is soluble in caustic and hydrofluoric acid and insoluble in water,solvent and acid.White Carton Black has very good electric insulation with high temperature resistant, incombustible,tasteless and odorless.White Carbon black can replace carton black in colorful, white or semi-transparent rubber products and can improve the reinforcement.of rubber products. White Carton Black also has high adhesion,high tearing resistance and high anti-aging resistance,so it can replace a part of carton black for black rubber products in order to get high quality rubber products,such as cross-country tyre,engineering tire and radial tire

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