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Titanium Dioxie Branch of China National Coatings Industry Association drafted the <Titanium Dioxide Industry Norms>.

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Titanium Dioxide Branch of China National Coatings Industry Association convened the joint conference of “The national industrial association—The national ministries of titanium dioxide industry experts”, and discussed the content of <Titanium Dioxide Industry Norms>.

The Secretary of Titanium Dioxide Industry Association Branch introduced that Because we are faced with the excessive production capacity,the increasing of environmental pressure and other factors, the development of titanium dioxide industry brings unknown Challenge and opportunity.

Titanium Dioxide Industry Association Branch was entrusted by the Ministry of National Industry and Information and drafted the <Titanium Dioxide Industryi Norms> in order to promote the healthy development of titanium dioxide industry.

The <Titanium Dioxide Industry Norms> put forward quantitative parameters in production technology,resouses distribution,resouses recycling,production capacity and regional selling ability.

The enterprises will comply with the <Titanium Dioxide Industry Norms>,carry on cleaning production,improve the level of industrial technology in order to achieve the purpose of regulation for encouraging the advanced,eliminating backward, controlling increment and optimizing stock, promote the healthy growth and sustainable development of China Titanium Dioxide Industry
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