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Titanium Dioxide industry enters a stage of high cost and low profit

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In the background of domestic microeconomical going down, the development of many enterprises are decending into troughs. After the building industry is suffered downturn,the domestic market price of titanium dioxide continues to dive. As we know from procurement network that the market of titanium dioxide is continued to go down since the fourth quarter. Due to the condition of high cost and low requirement, the profit gap of titanium dioxide is narrower and norrower。

The domestic market price of titanium dioxide appears a new turn dive in Nov.2014. At present,manufacturers intend to low down the price in the range of 35-100USD/Ton.

The unstable price makes the enterprises don’t know how to do.

So the industry experts generally believe that our domestic market of titanium dioxide is still not mature. It is difficult to control the impulse of expanding production capacity in recent 10 years,which makes the enterprises in the low level of competitive price.Titanium Dioxide is up to the moment that have to adjust the changing situation and to accelerate optimization.

The industry experts believe that making reasonable adjustment is the most important way for optimizing and upgrading the structure of domestic titanium dioxide industry.

Chinese titanium Dioxide industry has to take a new road of industrialization,then we can seize the opportunity of global titanium dioxide industry chain reconstruction and industrial readjustment after the new financial crisis era.
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